Buyers Guide to Home Ownership

Royal Lepage Buyer Services: Owning a home is a universal dream.

Today, the dream of home ownership is closer than ever. Often, home buyers are afraid such goals are not affordable. However, unlike the past, where those buying a house simply ‘took out’ a loan to pay for a property, today’s prospective homeowners have as much choice in financing options as they do in potential homes.


About Royal Lepage: Helping you is what we do

Central to Royal Lepage™ success is its pledge of helping you is what we do. Instilled in each sales representative is Royal Lepage’s™ commitment to industry leading professional conduct and customer service. Along with a dedication to community involvement, clients can be assured they will receive ethical, knowledgeable, and caring representation.

There are many good reasons to buy your own home:

  • The Financial Advantages of Home Ownership Property is one of the greatest and most secure investments available. Rarely, does real estate decrease in value. Depending on the area, buying a house may provide tax advantages over renting. In addition, the equity built on a home’s appreciation allows for potential borrowing towards expenses such as a new home or college tuition. Home equity is also ideal as a down payment towards a second home or vacation property.
  • Emotional Advantages Buying a house means no longer worrying about rent increases and landlord demands. Most importantly, new homeowners can start to enjoy what matters most – building a home of their own and enjoying life.

Important questions homeowners need to ask before they search for a home.

Do homeowners need a sales representative?

Yes! Committed and professional sales representatives can make the complex process of purchasing a home simple and painless.

Sales representatives should:

  • Know market conditions in the community
  • Show updated knowledge on financing and mortgage rates
  • Know what parts of a contract are negotiable or not

Experienced sales representatives must fully understand titles, taxes, survey, zoning and building laws as well as insurance – important elements to a successful home sale or purchase.

The Benefits of a Buyer Representation Agreement

A Buyer Representation Agreement is a written contract that establishes ‘Buyer Agency’ or the type of services the Real Estate brokerage representing the buyer will provide. This agreement also specifies the broker’s obligations when they represent the buyer client. Sales representatives who work on behalf of  a buyer client are also legally obligated to pursue the buyer’s best interests throughout the sale and transaction of the seller’s property to the buyer. As a result, sales representatives owe full fiduciary responsibilities, duties and loyalties to a buyer client.

Royal Lepage™ Sales Representatives Know Communities

Royal Lepage™ sales representatives live and work in the communities of buyers and sellers they represent. As a result, sales representatives know area market conditions, including price and availability and have access to current financing and mortgage rates to help ease the stress associated with buying or selling a home.

Royal Lepage™ sales representatives understand the legal complexities associated with a home purchase or sale, including titles, taxes, surveys as well as negotiable parts of a contract – all to help clients secure the best possible terms.

Knowledge and Experience: Why Royal Lepage™ sales representatives know so much!

At Royal Lepage™ continual up to date training ensures our sales representatives have higher standards of knowledge to better help their clients.

Royal Lepage™ sales representatives are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to clients and make themselves available when and where clients need them, including evenings and weekends.

The benefits of MLS®

Our sales representatives have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS), an electronic database which offers a host of information on a property, including detailed property features, real estate taxes, and the recent sale prices of homes – tools that can help determine the true value of a home. MLS® information is updated constantly, sales representatives have access to homes the minute they become listed in the system.

Royal Lepage™ Criteria for Buying a Home

  • Home that fits a home buyer’s needs
  • Suitable location
  • Best possible terms
  • Best possible price
  • All of the above in a convenient timely manner

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